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September 5, 2021

New Modalities

Float Stafford is debuting two brand new modalities for your relaxation and recovery needs.

We’ve Added New Modalities To Our Wellness Spa

We’re very excited to announce two new modalities at Float Stafford!

We’ve added Celluma FDA Approved Professional LED Therapy. You may know Red Light Therapy has shown tremendous benefits including scientifically researched acne reduction, pain management and anti-aging. 

This gentle, painless, noninvasive therapy offers measurable benefits and we offer sessions with an FDA cleared device which means it is effective, safe and verifiably beneficial.

If you’re interested in the amazing benefits of Celluma, give us a shout.

For the serious athletes of Stafford County, we’ve added professional grade Therabody Percussion Therapy. This deep tissue massager can be used on any major muscle group to loosen tight areas. 

Therabody is 60% deeper than traditional sports massage giving a level of relief and relaxation which is unparalleled.

Stay Salty Stafford!




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