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1. What is Floating? Let’s break is down to its most basic elements – floating is the perfect bath: skin temperature water, 1000 pounds of epsom salt and the blissful sense of being weightless in a spacious tub.

2. Scientifically Backed – Floating has real science behind it. We list studies on aspects of pain relief, relaxation and muscle recovery.

3. About Float Stafford – How we became the first float & cryotherapy spa in Stafford, Virginia

4. What modalities are available? We offer float therapy, cryotherapy, infrared sauna, compression therapy and oxygen bar.

What are Float Tanks?

Float tanks come in several styles. They are all roughly 4′ by 8′ fiberglass sound-proof and light-proof pools filled with 10″ of water, fitted with intercoms, colored lighting, WIFI sound systems and heavy duty sanitation systems.

Our closed float pod has a door that can be left open or pulled shut (and anything in between). There is no latch nor lock and the pod is not air-proof.

Our open float tank has no door and is akin to a very shallow hot tub designed for couples.

No sight. No sound. No gravity.

Why use Float Therapy?

Float therapy eliminates sight, sound and gravity.

By reducing these senses in calm water that is ten times saltier than the Dead Sea one floats as if suspended in space. Your spine and joints decompress and naturally realign.

Your brain enters the theta state (deep relaxation). Your heart rate slows, your adrenaline and cortisol levels drop and your blood pressure drops in harmony to a deeply calm state.

Best of all your dopamine and endorphin levels rise giving a sense of calmness and contentedness that can last days.

Most importantly, the float tank is not a hypothetical labortory phenomenon, but a viable, proven technology.

Dr. Henry Adams, National Institute of Mental Health Tweet

The sensory deprivation chamber is the most important tool I've used for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving.

The majority of our chronically ill patients suffered from autoimmune diseases...for these patients, discovering relaxation meant a dramatic reduction in symptoms, such as joint pain, headache, fatigue and depression.

Thomas Fine, Medical College of Ohio and Roderick A. Barrie, PhD, Clinical Psychologist Tweet

Rest and relaxation more profound than most people ever experience.

...a wealth of information statistics and laboratory data emerged convincing evidence that even brief sessions in float tanks can cause mental and physical transformations. Among the revelations: indications that floating stimulates the brain to secrete endorphins, the neuro-chemicals called the body's own opiates.

Community Projects

Float Stafford’s set charity is the national Dogo Argentino dog breed rescue DC Dogos Rescue. The owner has the world’s largest YouTube channel dedicated to the Dogo Argentino breed education and appreciation. This year we have donated in excess of $1100 to help the following Dogo Argentinos:

  • Evie has aggressive breast cancer. We donated to her happy life fund to make her last days awesome.
  • Emma was a rescue who was in need of a better life. She was banged up and underweight. We gave an orthopedic bed, chew toys, treats and training supplies.
  • Logan got the overflow from Emma’s bountiful gift bonanza and he got some great Benebones which are good for the teeth.
  • Vita was abandoned after having her pups taken too young. She was 30 pounds underweight. She looks great now and we gave her toys, treats, blankets and a cash donation.

About Float Stafford

50 Dunn Dr., STE 111, Stafford, VA 22556

(540) 252-0054   hello@floatstafford.com

Float Stafford is a small independent woman-owned business which began in 2021 as Stafford, Virginia’s premier Float Therapy and Cryotherapy recovery lounge. Offering relaxation on demand with services designed to offer relief from stress and pain in an hour or less. Enjoyed by serious athletes, those recovering from injuries old and new, stressed out every day individuals and those maintaining a healthy practice of self-care, Float Stafford is available daily from 9am to 9pm. Book online, in person or over the phone. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or FaceBook @FloatStafford

Come Try A Float On The House

We want you to get in the water so you can understand all the wonderful benefits that our self-care services have to offer. Give us a call or stop by to schedule your complimentary float. Bring your press ID please.

"I have found floating to be an excellent way to reset myself mentally and physically. It's been great for stress management, body aches and overall mental well-being."
Chris Gardner