Enjoy rest, relaxation and recovery in our state of the art Private float rooms

What is Floating?

Floating uses 1000 pounds of medical grade Epson salt dissolved in skin temperature water. The purpose of this is to create extreme buoyancy which allows the body to rest in a weightless environment. It is also dark and quiet. The combination of a dark quiet and neurally neutral environment allows the brain to reach the theta state which is a state of deep relaxation combined with the muscle relaxant power of Epson salt.

What is Floating used for?

Floating is used for athletic recovery, mental rest, deepened states of meditation and prayer, and a break from our hectic daily life. Float time is your time to use however you wish.

Open vs Closed Floats

Open Floats, sometimes called a Float Tank, are somewhat like a shallow hot tub. The water is 10 inches deep so it doesn’t matter if you can swim or not. It’s a great introduction to Floating if you are a person who is nervous about enclosed spaces.

Closed floats, sometimes called a Float Pod, has the same benefits as an open float but with the lid that you can leave open or closed based on your comfort level. The main difference between a Float Pod and an open float tank is the lid. Float pods are slightly warmer and more humid, slightly darker and slightly more quiet but other than that they are the same in effect.

What if I don’t Float?

Everyone floats. A bowling ball could float. The high level of gravity (salinity in the water) creates extreme buoyancy more than 10 times saltier than the Dead Sea. This effortless Floating allows the neck, back and hips to realign gently due to the lack of pull from gravity.

Our spa staff would be pleased to discuss how Floating benefits people with restlessness, anxiety, physical ailments, and stress. Stop by anytime for a tour.

Our float center has private showers insider your private suite so you can rinse off before and after your Float.

Our Floats Feature
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Sixty or ninety minutes.

It’s very relaxing!

It is very safe. Ask us if you have areas of special concern.

We recommend a hairbrush and if you’re uncomfortable floating nude in your private, lockable room a swimsuit.

You can get ready in our Blow Dry Bar, sign our guest book and chat with others if you want.