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Meet Your Float Stafford Team

Nikole Johnson


Nikole Johnson is Float Stafford’s founder and owner. She became passionate about cryotherapy and float therapy to alleviate her chronic pain from repetitive stress injuries.

Once Nikole began a healthy self-care practice, she found relief and relaxation rolled into one and began to introduce everyone she spoke to about the healing value of cryotherapy and floating. As a natural outgrowth of her passion, Float Stafford was born in late 2021.

Johnson is no stranger to doing business in Stafford, Virginia where she owns and operates Dark Horse Tattoos since 2008. As a certified pool operator, Nikole places health and safety at the forefront of her commitment to the wellness of her guests.

Working in Stafford County has made Nikole sensitive to the needs of local residents who struggle with chronic stress, sleeplessness and pain. Offering simple, fast, drug-free relief is an honor and a joy to Nikole and the entire Float Stafford team.

Nikole is a multi-creative, with advanced degrees in business and art. In her spare time she enjoys reading, drawing, traveling and studying new advancements in science. She lives in North Stafford with her dogs.


Yasmine E.

Lead Wellness Ambassador

I enjoy supporting the wellness journey of our guests and look for opportunities to share my enthusiasm for self care modalities with our guests. It’s my mission to help our guests find the right service for their needs through education.

Steve H.

Chief Relaxation Officer

I have the primary directive to make sure our guests emerge relaxed, refreshed and renewed to meet life head on. My journey into floatation started as a personal challenge to curb my addiction to my devices. Now I can go the day without worrying about my cell phone so I relate to guests who struggle to disconnect.


This could be you!

Sports Star

If you’re interested in our Float Stafford Ambassador program which connects the community to natural wellness and relaxation email us FloatStafford@gmail.com

You maybe?

IG Model

We dig collaborative ventures. If you’re active on social with more than 1k followers we’d like to meet you. Give us a shout if you’d like to introduce Float Stafford to your audience! FloatStafford@gmail.com