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General Safety

We’ve worked hard to provide you the cleanest and safest experience we can at Float Stafford.  We have protocols in place to stop the possible spread of Covid-19 and these guidelines were created with your safety in mind.

  • Please Reschedule If You Have Symptoms or Have Been Exposed.

For your safety and that of others we ask you to avoid coming if you have any CV-19 symptoms, have been exposed to someone who has or are in any way under the weather. We happily refund the purchase price in the case of CV-19 regardless of giving notice or not.

  • Please Fill Out Your Waiver In Advance Online.

We ask you to fill out your waivers in advance online if possible. Your waiver is good for one year and covers every service we offer.

  • Please Consider the CDC Guidelines.

We ask your cooperation and patience. All common areas in the spa are compact (in order to make our private suites as roomy as possible) so we ask your awareness and observations in terms of social distancing.

  • We Take Temperatures Touchlessly Before Services.

We cannot allow anyone to use the spa who is running a fever for their safety and for that of others. We also check our staff at the beginning of the shift.

  • We Use an EPA Approved Disinfectant.

We use a combination of EPA approved disinfectants which are germicidal to kill germs on the surface of the suites in between guests.

Floatation Therapy

  • The CDC has Stated That There Is No Evidence That Covid-19 Can Spread Through Recreational Water.

The CDC has directly state float water has no evidence of risk of CV-19 transmission, Our business is built on privacy and our interactions are minimal in order to reduce the likelihood of exposure.

  • Thankfully Salt Water Is Naturally Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal.

Our tanks contain 1000 pounds of Epsom Salt dissolved in 700 gallons of water making the salt content roughly 42% which is ten times saltier than the Dead Sea. Our salt levels are hostile to germs. We also add H2O2 in addition to Ozone, Ultra-Violet and a ten micron filter.

  • Our tanks use state of the art automatic cleaning between clients and are tested daily.

Each of our tanks use a combination of actions to remain pure and these actions occur automatically between guests. First we start with Ozone treatment which is a highly effective against microorganisms – even more so than chlorine/bromine.

Next we use UV light to trigger a photocatalytic molecular reaction and the process results in cleaner, clearer water than bromine, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide alone can produce. These units kill viruses, bacteria, and pathogens, and transform other contaminants like lotions into their most harmless form where they are then filtered away.

This filtration process takes place instantly upon the end of every session repeating for a total of four times ensuring purity for the next guest.

The end result is pure water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. this method is the same one used by municipalities to turn sewage water into drinking water. You can be sure our tanks are sanitized and clean each and every time you float.

  • We Clean Before and After Each Guest

Our float tanks automatically filter four times between clients and use ozone, ultra-violet light and a ten micron physical filter which is one hundred times smaller than a human hair.  Although you wouldn’t want to drink salt water, the water is purified to drinking water standards. All areas are cleaned and disinfected. We take cleanliness very seriously.

Cryotherapy Safety

Cryotherapy uses incredibly cold nitrogen gas between -200 degrees and -365 degrees below zero. These temperatures inhibit the growth of germs.

Oxygen Safety

Our Oxygen Bar uses disposable single-use nose pieces and hoses for every client and the force of the air pressure does not allow respiration to back-flow into the control unit.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna uses the invisible light spectrum in common with natural sunlight to heat the body on a deep internal level. Infrared light does inhibit the growth of germs.

NormaTec Compression Therapy

Our NormaTec compression devices are wiped down to clean them between uses.


Celluma Red Light Therapy

Our Red Light Therapy device is cleaned between uses using an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal wipes.

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