We have a charity program designed to help our community come together and support those in need that allows charitably minded individuals to donate to community members in need by buying them a float (or other service) which we distribute to those in need.

We distribute these service credits as they become available to these community members:

  • Gold Star Families
  • Veterans
  • Active Military
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Fire Department
  • EMTs

If you’re interested in donating to #PayItForwardFloats just let us know and we can either transfer one of your unused credits from your membership or you can pay outright for any service which we will donate in full.

Are you in need of a float?

Feel free to give us a call to check if any services have been donating to #PayItForwardFloats or you can ask to be placed on our waitlist and we will give you a call if a community donated service becomes available.